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Crazy Money! Bridal Gown Ingenuity

It’s Crazy Money Day!

An Ohio woman developed a unique business model for bridal gowns, and she’s making good money!  She buys discounted, last-season samples from major retailers, then turns around and sells them locally. This not only helps customers save a lot of money but allows retailers to recoup some of their costs. This entrepreneur realized that wedding gowns are out of style within weeks of hitting the shelves. Despite their short life in fancy boutiques, she knew another market existed for them. So she offered to buy out-of-season dresses at a discount.

Formality Bridal first opened in 2018. Word-of-mouth and social media marketing helped the company become profitable in just one year. The owner kept close tabs on her finances, knowing exactly how much she spent every day and what was in the bank account. She opened another shop in Erie, Pennsylvania in 2023.  The two locations could bring in a combined $1 million of revenue this year. As a business owner at age 55, she manages to balance life on a goat dairy farm while also running her bridal business. She says that she and her husband have always been able to pay the bills and their employees – and have money left over. Since his stroke 2 years ago, her husband maintains the farm but they largely rely on her income. Faithful stewardship, creativity, and hard work have paid off. That’s an example for all of us, and if you’re in the market for a wedding gown, check out Formality Bridal and tell them you heard about it here.

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