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Crazy Money – ‘Big Rob’

It’s Crazy Money Day and today we’re featuring “Big Rob”.

27-year-old Robert Gorodetsky otherwise known as “Big Rob”, was charged earlier this year with fraud. He could face a 30-year prison sentence if convicted.  

Someone entrusted him with millions of dollars believing the funds were being invested and earning good dividends. Instead, the cash was being used to bet on sporting events and to support Rob’s lavish lifestyle.

USA Today profiled him in 2017 where he claimed to wager around $350,000 on NFL Sundays and over $100,000 on individual Major League Baseball games. He relied on “gut instinct”. Now that typically doesn’t pay well.

Big Rob’s pride, greed, and desire to get-rich-quick led to big trouble. The get-rich-quick mentality is contrary to the good work ethic expected of wise stewards. This sinful attitude has several dangerous premises. 

You get involved with things you don’t understand. You make hasty decisions and you suffer significant losses. 

Trying to get-rich-quick is simply another form of gambling. In fact, Proverbs says that a man who hastens to get wealthy quickly will get poor even more quickly. 

And the root is pride. Proverbs says: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Provers 16:18)

Now I hope “Big Rob” comes to know our Big God and surrenders his life to Him. Only then will he come to know the true riches that are granted to believers. 

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