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Crazy Money! Antonio Brown Files For Bankruptcy

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Antonio Brown was an NFL wide receiver. He earned more than $80 million during his 12-year career. Now he claims to have less than $50,000 in assets and has filed for bankruptcy. Brown is a controversial character. Documents reveal a $1.2 million court judgment awarded to a truck driver for assault and battery. Last year, he was sued for $30,000 by a company that claims he didn’t pay them for work they provided on his hip-hop concert. He was arrested in October for more than $30,000 in outstanding child support payments. In addition, Brown owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card debt.  I could go on, but I won’t. My hope is that he’ll discover the freedom of living by God’s financial principles.

Sadly, many professional athletes go broke after retirement. When young athletes are drafted into the pros, they’re focused on playing well and scoring points. Without a financial plan early in their career, they’re doomed. Unless they’ve been taught basic financial principles, they simply can’t handle all the money. Many experience wealth for the first time and they feel obligated to provide for relatives or close friends. They feel the need to display their success in extravagant ways and overspend without thought of the future. Now we can fall into the same financial issues as Antonio Brown. That’s why it’s important to abide in Christ and live by His principles. He gave them for our good and His glory. We should share that truth with athletes we know.

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