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Crazy Money – Another Ponzi Scheme!

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Last month, 34-year-old actor Zachary Horwitz was arrested and accused of swindling his college buddies and their families in a $690 million Ponzi scheme. According to IDSNews, four Indiana University alum, all friends of Horwitz, started JJMT Capital. They invested in a limited liability company that Horwitz created in California. They thought he was buying distribution rights to movies and selling them to online platforms like Netflix and HBO for a major profit. They didn’t know he was using the funds to purchase a $6 million home and to repay previous investors.

Ponzi schemes involve financial scams promising high returns with little risk. The desire for quick profits blinds investors – especially when there’s some kind of relationship with the scammer. Eventually, the scheme collapses because they can’t keep up with the payouts. So here’s my advice: Request a company’s financial records to verify that they are legit. Do a background check on brokers or products and check out the SEC’s database for free corporate information, and don’t ignore these red flags:

• The promise of high returns with minimal risk

• Overly consistent returns

Unregistered investments

• Unlicensed sellers

• Secretive, sophisticated strategies

Deceivers infiltrate churches, country clubs, and community organizations. So, protect yourself! Remember: “…the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)

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