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Crazy Money! Alfred Morris’s “Bentley”

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Alfred Morris joined the NFL back in 2012 as a 6th-round pick out of Florida Atlantic. He spent 8 seasons as a running back in the pros and earned $8 million. Alfred may be better known for something else though. During his junior year at Florida Atlantic, he bought a 1991 manual Mazda 626 from a pastor for $2. It was his first and only car for years. He drove it through college and took it with him to play for the Washington Redskins. He nicknamed it “Bentley”. Mazda learned about the car and asked if they could give it a good tune-up. They took the car entirely apart and put it back together with a new engine and GPS. It was restored to near original condition with a few luxury details thrown in like a Bluetooth radio. The finishing touch was a custom “Bentley” front plate.

No matter how much money he made, or how many yards he accumulated, “Bentley” was a reminder of his roots. Back in 2012, he said, “It just keeps me grounded, where I came from and all the hard work for me to get to this point.” Though he could buy any car he desired, he said he would drive Bentley until she died. Alfred, a Christian grew up poor but always wanted to be somebody. He never wants to grow complacent but desires to better himself and those around him. Thank you, Alfred! Your humility and crazy frugality are an example to all of us.

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