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Crazy Money! A Squatter, and Waiting on a House

It’s Crazy Money Day!

The cost of housing is becoming difficult in some parts of the country. Rising interest rates, insurance, maintenance, and repairs are leading many to rent. One man found a way to enjoy a vacation home for free. Officials say a 25-year-old broke into the front window of a vacant residence in Fort Myers, Florida. He drove the homeowners’ luxury car, cooked in their kitchen, and connected a PlayStation device in their bedroom. That’s crazy! The homeowner became suspicious when the home’s smart thermostat notified him that the inside temperature had changed. He’d been out of state for several months and decided to see what was going on after several days of thermostat alerts. He drove to the property and spied the squatter driving into his garage. That’s when he called 911!

Mortgage rates remain high and you too may be desperate to get into a home, but be patient. Adjustable-rate mortgages are on the rise. Their rates offer savings but are fixed for shorter terms and are risky When your financial status is shaky, it’s wise to wait. Take time to improve your credit score. You’ll qualify for a better loan. Grow your down payment. You’ll have less to finance. Whatever you do, don’t presume upon a year-end bonus, a major commission, or some other source of income. I know it’s tough to wait, but that’s often when we learn to really trust God. Don’t lean on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in everything, and He’ll make your path straight. Hopefully, the squatter will learn that lesson too.

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