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Crazy Money! A Six Figure Smile

It’s Crazy Money Day!

When I was 8 years old, I got a front tooth knocked out. I had it replaced but certainly don’t have a Hollywood-worthy smile, and I’m okay with that. Unfortunately, many spend needless dollars to alter their smile. I understand the desire to help when possible. All four of our sons had braces. Other people want to have perfect teeth like celebrities or social media influencers. Well, there are well-paid dentists behind the smiles of the rich and famous. It’s not uncommon for celebrity cosmetic artists to earn 6 figures for a perfect smile. That seems crazy! From discoloration to crooked, crowded, or gapping teeth – these dentists do wonders with veneers. Custom-fit porcelains hide multiple imperfections. They prevent the discomfort of braces while also saving time, and now the general public’s falling for the craze. However, when veneers aren’t applied correctly, teeth are weakened, meaning a future of expensive, time-consuming repairs. As a result, many people have beautiful but temporary smiles.

Are you tempted to alter the way you look? Seek your identity in Christ – not the world. Believing in Jesus grants blessing beyond measure. We’re God’s masterpiece. We’re his children, righteous and dearly loved. We’re new creations, complete in Christ. So, be wise in any cosmetic decisions. A toothbrush, water pic, and whitening toothpaste may be all you need for a Hollywood smile.

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