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COVID-19 Scams

Are you tired of hearing about COVID?

Well unfortunately, I’ve got a COVID-related scam alert. The Better Business Bureau and Department of Health and Human Services are warning people about fake COVID-19 testing sites. They’re using false postings to trick people into sharing personal information. The shortage of test kits in January opened a door for thieves to steal Social Security numbers and credit card information. Only buy FDA approved test kits from legitimate providers. Never buy fake vaccine cards or attempt to make your own. The penalties are huge! Never give out personal information in phone calls, text, social media or door-to-door visits.

Be cautious of COVID-19 survey scams. Don’t give personal, medical, or financial information to anyone claiming to offer money or gifts in exchange for completing a survey. Refuse to give personal information to anyone – even if they claim to be with the Department of Health and Human Services. Don’t share your vaccine card on social media. It can be used to steal your identity. Know that Medicare will not call beneficiaries to offer COVID related products, services, or a benefit review. Be suspicious of unexpected calls, texts or visitors offering tests or supplies. Don’t open hyperlinks from any unknown individuals. If you suspect fraud, take action. Report it immediately to the real Department of Health and Human Services. We need not be anxious about COVID – but by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, we can present our requests to God.

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