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Considering An Internship


Is it ever a good move to work for free?

One of the best ways for students to gain skills, experience, and a network of professionals is to take on an internship. Now, not all of these  are unpaid, but even if there is not compensation, the experience and connections could be well worth it.

They vary widely and college credit can sometimes be earned.

For students struggling to identify their calling, an internship can be instrumental in directing them toward their career. Most universities post  positions within departments. Encourage your child to research opportunities on their own as well and even approaching a desired business and asking them if they would be willing to take on an intern

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, “Internships are crucial to getting a job quickly. Some colleges work with students to help them find internships while also devoting other staff to recruiting employers offering jobs and internships.”

Employers value interns with skills developed through academic work, volunteer experiences, and extracurricular activities. Proof that students have been a successful employee is highly beneficial.

A student can gain experience in new work environments demanding flexibility and commitment. They broaden a student’s job opportunities and network of human capital.

Pray for clear wisdom in guiding your students and ask God to provide opportunities to clarify their career choice.

You can also help them by suggesting the online MoneyLife Personal Finance Study. It’s designed to eliminate financial stress and connect with what God’s Word says about your life, finances, and career. The 7-week study would be a perfect way for you and your student alike to deepen your relationship with Christ this summer.