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Confusion of the World vs. The Kingdom

Holidays can be really confusing.

 The world tells us that if you have more money, you’ll be happier. The world says that good parents buy whatever their kids want. The world says that love is expressed by how much we spend. Now on the other hand: God says you can be content with what you have.  God says that you’re a good parent if you love and care for your children even if you can’t buy them what they want. God says that we have true riches that money cannot buy.

What a dichotomy! Our enemy intentionally tries to confuse us, but when we follow God’s principles, we experience peace. Our enemy accuses us and makes us feel guilty, embarrassed, or inadequate if we don’t spend money the way the world tells us. He wants us to fail at managing resources wisely. God, however, promises blessing when we ignore the lies of the world and truly trust Him. We find true peace and joy when focusing on Him and we become aware of His immeasurable love and grace. Gratitude drowns out the confusion and keeps us centered.

As we begin a new year, I hope you’ll renew your mind with the truth of God’s Word. It will give you the wisdom and discernment you need to guard yourself from the lies of the enemy. So saturate your mind with God’s Word every day. Read it. All of it. Try reading it multiple times. Last year I listened through the entire Bible and I was blessed in a way I had not experienced through just reading. Then, resolve to live by Biblical financial principles. Confusion will disappear when your life is centered on Christ.

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