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Commended for Shrewdness

Are you shrewd with money?

Almost two-thirds of Jesus’ parables address money or possessions. He talked about money more than He did about heaven and hell combined. Few are more piercing and often misunderstood than The Parable of the Dishonest Manager in Luke 16. The manager was being fired for wasting someone’s possessions. It’s a wake-up call to the sobering sin of wasting money. The Pharisees were probably examining their own stewardship of money as they heard the story unfold. The dishonest manager faced the possibility of unemployment. He refused to beg and couldn’t dig ditches. So, he decided to reduce or forgive debtors so he’d have friends who would supply his needs in the future. The master commended his shrewdness. 

In my mind, shrewdness conjures up the villainous Henry F. Potter in the classic film It’s a Wonderful Life. He was a rich, self-centered, greedy, and conniving man eager for power and control, but the term “shrewd” is not limited to those with evil intentions. It actually means: 

• Having or showing astute or sharp judgment in practical matters

• And clever discerning awareness; hardheaded acumen and artful resource management

Christ used the parable of the shrewd manager for two purposes. First, to convict the Pharisees of their dishonest, wasteful, cleverly disguised selfishness, and second, to teach us the purpose of money. Be shrewd not for temporal gain, but for eternal rewards. Rethink how you use the money that’s been entrusted to you. You are God’s stewards. Don’t waste it all on yourselves!

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