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Combining Finances in Marriage

Larry Burkett, our founder, believed that separate banking accounts for couples “makes about as much sense as maintaining separate houses.”

Since this is Valentines Day, I thought we should consider why couples should have joint accounts.  

Marriage is about becoming one. One in everything – name, address, bed, and money.

Keeping anything separate – including checking accounts – develops a his money-her money philosophy, which usually leads to a him-versus-her mentality. And there should be NO

his money-her money in marriage. It’s God’s money that we manage together.

The only reason to maintain a separate account is for business purposes; for instance, to manage accounting for expenses associated with one’s job.

Cooperation in managing joint funds requires humble hearts with a desire to love and serve each other and the kingdom of God. A marriage is not a 50/50 relationship like many erroneously believe. It’s 95/5 relationship for both sides. You both must be willing to yield 95% of your rights to your spouse. If not, it won’t work.

A joint checking account requires us to relax our grip on money. Rather than being ‘mine’ or ‘yours’– it becomes ‘ours’. It requires mutual respect, honest communication, and working together for a common good. You can no longer justify your selfish spending because you’re called to serve one another.

A joint account simplifies bill paying and forces couples to earnestly cooperate. Trust can be established and accountability expected. Common goals can be met through teamwork.

Paul told husbands to love their wives, “as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…and…to love their wives as their own bodies….for the two shall become one flesh.”

Paul also taught wives to respect their husbands. Love and respect are foundational in stewarding the money you share in a common account.

Money is a means by which God reveals our strengths and weaknesses and teaches us to depend on Him more fully.  

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