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Choosing a College Major


Artist, John Ruskin once said, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Choosing a college major can be an overwhelming and frustrating process for students… Universities have seen a rise in the number of times a student will change majors, trying to find something they are passionate about. Every degree change increases  the price of the education.

A study at Cornell found that students from lower income families chose degrees in fields with more job availability. But those from higher income homes chose degrees in English, history or performing arts.

Many students are advised by well-meaning parents and professionals to seek a degree that provides job security. But, should economic stability be  the only determining factor when choosing a degree? is always good to be practical, but we can’t dismiss the power of God to open doors we don’t see. And, we certainly don’t want to kill a dream that He has put in a child’s heart. A sincere interest in something creates passion that will drive success.

So, perhaps the most sensible advice we can offer is to not confuse a hobby with a career. It’s important to differentiate strengths from passions to help identify a field of study. When those strengths and passions overlap, the decision is easy.

Sometimes a student with a broad degree like history or English can become more marketable by simply adding a minor. But, suggesting an unappealing route of study in order to secure a job may postpone the fulfillment of great joy.

God can equip them to be influencers for the Kingdom in whatever they study and we can trust Him to complete the masterpiece using their gifts and skills. Our oldest son studied engineering in college. We thought that would be his career. Turns out, he became a professional musician and likes to do engineering as a hobby.

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