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Check Your Credit Report

Do you check your credit report?

A credit report is a record of your payment history, as well as current and past debts. Banks check it prior to approving a loan, mortgage, auto financing, or credit card. Landlords may use it to decide if an applicant is trustworthy. Some companies check reports before hiring new employees. The 3-digit number grades your creditworthiness. A negative report – possibly caused by an error, or even identity theft – could cost you in higher interest, or make it difficult to rent an apartment or even get a job.

Once a year, check your report with the three major credit bureaus. Monitor it more often if there’s suspicious activity. Check it frequently when trying to repair credit or when planning to apply for a loan. A survey by Consumer Reports noted that 1/3 of respondents found at least one error in their report. They found mistakes in both personal and account information. If you find an error, immediately file a dispute with the credit bureau. If you suspect identity theft, quickly report it to You can review free reports from all three major credit bureaus at Now make sure you use this website because others will charge you fees or steal your personal information. That’s In addition, many credit card companies offer free credit reports and your credit scores. Get yours and study them carefully.

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