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Challenge to Cut Your Food Bill

Need extra money this month?

Most of us have faced challenges that require us to cut expenses. One way is to drastically cut your food bill. You can eat for less by planning and shopping carefully. The reward is less stress and a few lost pounds! Try eating cheap for one week. Instead of eating out or running to the grocery store, raid your own pantry, freezer and refrigerator. Eating what you already have can save you tens, if not hundreds, of dollars in just 7 days! Don’t look at this with dread. Recruit the family and have some fun! Let them get creative and plan some of the meals! You may get beans for breakfast and oats for dinner, but enjoy the experience!

Complaining is absolutely not allowed. Thank God and praise each other’s resourcefulness. Scour cookbooks or the internet for new recipes. You may discover great dishes to cook on the cheap in the future. If you run out of staples, substitute something else or borrow from a neighbor. One benefit of eating what you already have is getting the opportunity to clean the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Then you can restock wisely when your no-spend period is over.

After your week or month, see how much extra money is in your bank account! Apply it where needed, then shop for groceries that are on sale, in season, or inexpensive. Make a list and stock up wisely. Watch for special promotions and avoid big name brands if possible. Reducing your food bill can make a big dent in paying off debt, building your emergency fund or trying to reach a financial goal. Try it!

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