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Car Warranty Offers

I hate getting threatened with advertisements that create fear. 

I recently purchased a couple of used cars. For three solid months I received notices in the mail like this:

“FINAL NOTICE! This letter is to inform you that if your factory warranty has expired, you’ll be financially liable for all repairs.”

Uh…duh. I realize that. Besides, I bought these particular cars because I knew they were dependable.

Now that notice included a number to call by a certain date to receive a $200 discount. Whoopee! I’m not that dumb!

Here’s another one:

“We’ve just been advised there will be a price increase to our extended vehicle service plans effective on a certain date. By contacting us now, you can avoid the price increase and still cover your investment from the high cost of unexpected repairs. No vehicle inspection is required and the no-fee payment option is available. Contact us now for eligibility requirements to remain valid.”

Didn’t fall for that one either.

I know I’m responsible for the repairs! It’s why I prepare ahead of time for the routine maintenance. All vehicles require them. that’s exactly why I spent the time to shop around and buy dependable cars!

Now instead of buying extended warranties, I prefer to have emergency savings. Even though I drive older model vehicles with lots of miles, I avoid extended warranties plans. They only cover limited repairs.

You see preparing financially is like the ant that stores provisions for the days ahead. It actually works!

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