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Budgeting for Pets

Thinking about buying a pet for Valentine’s Day?

Whether buying a pet from a breeder or adopting from a shelter, they can get expensive, so don’t forget to adjust your budget. Besides the expected, there are additional costs you may not have considered. There will be transportation costs along with an approved crate if shipping is involved. Adopting from a good shelter can reduce the initial expense of veterinary care, but there are ongoing expenses like shots, heartworm, and flea and tick prevention. Set aside emergency funds for unexpected needs, or research pet insurance. Have you thought about dental care? Feed them properly and maybe you’ll avoid the cost until they’re old. Certain breeds have specific health issues that should be investigated. Skin allergies, sensitive digestive systems, and more can mean prescriptions and special food. Your state may require an annual license. If you’re renting your home or apartment, factor in a security deposit. Your pet may need special training classes. Check out YouTube tutorials! Now if you travel, you may need to board your pet or find someone to care for it. Then there are toys, beds, and gates, combs, brushes, and the cost of a groomer.

It’s not unusual for owners to spend $1,000 per year on pet care. To save money one year, one of our sons tried grooming our dog. While we were gone he put her on a table and tied her to the garage door to ensure she wouldn’t try to escape. Unfortunately, we opened the door only to find him scrambling to get her down! I’m grateful to God for pets! Just be aware of the cost before you commit.

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