Give Now

Blessed to Give

Would you say your security is in God or the things He’s given you?

God loves us and wants to spare us the sorrow that can accompany worldly wealth. I’ve known men who made BIG money, lost it, and committed suicide. Their identity had become tied to their wealth – not God. They couldn’t imagine living without it.

God took a risk to bless us in that we might fall in love with the blessings and forget from whom they came! He blesses us so we will be generous with what He provides. in fact, generosity is a kind of “Money Test.”

God designed an economy separate from the world. It’s based on sharing, not hoarding or squandering.

But, we rationalize our spending because our affluence has distorted our priorities.  We live in a culture where most people indulge themselves. Some don’t even rationalize – they simply don’t know God’s called us to live differently.

He wants us to be generous with others to avoid the danger of trusting in our possessions. As we advance God’s kingdom through practical means, we experience true riches through giving.

When we put our security in the God who provides, and live in humble gratitude, He’ll give us hearts that seek to give and share with others.

The majority of New Testament references specify giving to help suffering Christians – brothers and sisters in Christ who are in hard places enduring very hard things. May God open our eyes to their need.

In Acts 20:35 Paul said, We must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give then to receive.’

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