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Be Your Own Handyman

Have you ever felt the exhilaration of saving yourself a repair bill by fixing something on your own? I have and it’s great!

One of the most important factors in home expenses is YOU! If you can perform routine maintenance and repair, you can avoid considerable expense!

Many people rationalize not doing these things on the basis that their time is too valuable. This argument may have merit for those who earn more per hour than what repairmen cost, but even then, care and maintenance around the home is important to family life. Children learn good habits by observing Mom and Dad doing physical labor to help around the home.

Perhaps you had a father or mother who taught you basic home and car maintenance and repair. If not, there’s no excuse. Those skills can be learned. Computer websites offer help and YouTube instructors walk you through whatever need you may have. Check out your library, or ask neighbors or friends for help.

I had a friend from church help me install a new dishwasher a few years ago. And a previous neighbor helped me out on numerous occasions with different home repairs. But YouTube has been my ‘go-to’ source for help for several years.

Encourage your children to observe how repairs or basic maintenance is done. It’s an education that will be valuable to them one day.

My local big box store offers digital and in-store do-it-yourself workshops. This month includes Installing a Faucet, Installing Wall Tile, Installing Ceiling Fans, Landscape and Pest control, and Easy Bathroom Updates.

Doing your own repair and maintenance is wise stewardship. And, God can use your knowledge to help someone else.

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