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Are your financial decisions aligned with the Bible?

You may think your credit score proves that you’re doing just fine when it comes to finances, but you can have a very high credit score and be on the path to bankruptcy. You can have a very high credit score and have totally wrong motives. You can have a very high credit score and be totally out of line with God’s principles for managing money. How you align your financial decisions with God’s Word is more important than your credit score. Larry Burkett, Crown’s late founder used to say, “The way one uses money is the outward reflection of a person’s inward spiritual condition.” This profound truth reveals that past behavior is not the main indicator of a person’s true financial health. The most important factor is what’s happening in the individual’s heart, and it’s no easy matter to determine the condition of someone’s heart. It’s a combination of what the person believes and how those beliefs affect his or her behavior.

Consider these key questions. First, “What do you believe about faithful stewardship?” Next, “To what extent have you adapted your behavior to align with your beliefs?” It’s very hard to change if you don’t understand the root issues that lead to certain actions. Once you identify incorrect beliefs, you can take steps to change your behavior for the long term. True life transformation takes place when hearts are transformed by God’s Word and when behavior aligns with His truth.

If incorrect beliefs have led to credit card debt, let Christian Credit Counselors help you. They’ll create a debt management plan specifically for your needs. For more information call the Crown Helpline: 800-722-1976 or online at