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Avoiding Credit Card Debt

Do you have presents wrapped and already under the tree or are you waiting for Christmas Eve to shop (like me!)?  

No matter what kind of shopper you are, the best way to prevent credit card debt during the holidays is to plan ahead, save ahead, and budget ahead. With Christmas Day just a week away, many are struggling w ith whether to take the time and effort to find the sales, or simply pay full price and get it over with.

Here’s what you have to remember. Christmas is NOT about what you buy or how much you spend. It’s an attitude of the heart. Overspending and racking up debt in an attempt to bring temporary happiness to others is not going to bring you peace – or glorify God.

If you still have shopping to do, make your list, check it twice, take your cash and shop. But first, take a moment to pause and worship.

Get on your knees, and praise God. Thank Him for the precious gift of Jesus, our Savior.

Praise prevents us from getting sidetracked and keeps us focused on Him.

We no longer have to bow down to the trappings of the material world, running ourselves silly for the best deals, in order to spend hard-earned money.

We can reject the notion of racking up more debt in an attempt to impress others, win their favor, or to simply fit in. Rather, in simplicity and humility, we can give of ourselves, seeking to share the love of God.

This Season, Come Let us Adore Him!

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