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Are You Drowning In Debt

Are you drowning in debt?

You can begin recovering today with the goal of becoming debt-free. Determine that you don’t want to live like this any longer. Then follow a step-by-step plan. My experience with people facing the same struggle is that it generally takes about 5 to 7 years to become fully free. It’s a matter of changing your mindset and making a lifestyle change to accomplish your goal. Let’s get practical. First, you have to create a truly functional budget. Look at all that you own, all that you owe, and all of your obligations. This gives you a clear picture of where your money’s going and where it’s needed. Plus, it will identify the problems that need to be addressed. Crown has some free tools online to get you started.

Now, as much as I believe in getting debt-free, I recommend that you begin by saving $1,000 for real emergencies. Then, consider taking on an extra job for a while. Over the years, I’ve worked multiple jobs myself. The extra income will enable you to quickly build an emergency fund so you can begin reducing debt. A good friend once posed this question to me, “What are you doing after 5:00 pm?” It was in the context of earning more income to support my growing family. Solomon expressed it in this way in Ecclesiastes 11:6, Sow your seed in the morning,
and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,
 whether this or that,
or whether both will do equally well.”

Now if you’re in bondage to credit card debt, let Christian Credit Counselors help you. They can create a debt management plan that will work specifically for your needs. For more information call the Crown Helpline: 800-722-1976 or visit online at