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Are Vacations Biblical?

If you’re enjoying the mountains, fishing a trout stream, or on a sunny beach with the family, you will be happy to know that vacations are not only permissible, they are profitable!

Vacations are important! But often we don’t realize our need for them until we get away and actually relax!

God designed many forms of rest for us. He planned for our mind and body to involuntarily shut down every night when we go to sleep, knowing we need time to recharge for a new day.

He gave us the Sabbath to worship in community and to get needed spiritual and physical refreshment each week. He instituted feasts and times of celebrations for his people to remember His protection and provision.

We know we function better with rest! In fact, a majority of HR professionals and business leaders believe the employees who use their time off are more productive than those who don’t!

Studies show that Europeans, who work fewer hours and vacation more than twice the number of days Americans do, are more productive in the workplace overall.

When the mind and body relax, health improves, episodes of depression diminish, we sleep better, burnout is prevented, balance is renewed, and families are strengthened. Even creativity, productivity, and quality of work increase.

Vacations are just smart!

Avoid vacations that are too short, too busy, or too stressful. Skip things that are too expensive and create financial hardships or debt.  Extravagant destinations easily cause wasteful spending.

Simply plan within your budget and enjoy yourself!

There’s purpose in rest. Use it to deepen your love of Christ. Worship while your away and “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!”

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