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Apple ID Scams and Protection

If you use Apple products, here are some phishing scams you should be aware of.

Apple scams typically direct you to click on a link or call a number for some important-sounding reason. Protect yourself by recognizing some of these common scams:

First, the Apple ID order receipt is an email, appearing to be from Apple, that states your ID has been used to make a purchase. “Proof” may be attached to lure you to confirm or submit payment via your ID and password. Second, the Apple ID locked scam is an email notification that warns of suspicious activity or an ID expiration notice. Do not respond. If legitimately locked, call Apple. IDs do NOT expire. Third, the Apple support scam happens when you get a phone call to inform you that your Apple ID has been compromised. Refuse to talk to them!  Apple won’t call you unless you first make a request. Last, the iPhone locked scam is a messy one. At this point, you have fallen prey to a scam, and hackers have remotely locked it. A pop-up message requires a ransom to unlock.

Protect yourself by updating your antivirus software. Monitor your accounts regularly and guard your phone number. In Proverbs 4, King Solomon said, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” So guard your heart and guard your Apple ID!

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