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Analyze Giving (and Spending)

We’re experiencing major changes in America. We should analyze our giving and all of our spending.  

Epic shifts away from Judeo-Christian values and beliefs are underway at nearly every level of society. Schools, corporations, churches, ministries, and families are adapting to cultural philosophies and pressuring others to join them. Long before the radical philosophies of our time, Larry Burkett, Crown’s late founder, gave advice on your giving decisions. He said:

Christians should be very sensitive, not only concerning whom they assist, but how the money’s being used. God established the requirements for us. The standards are clear for individuals. Assess whether they’re willing and able to work. Are they asking for needs, or wants? “Get personally involved with the people you help if possible. Share God’s principles of finance with them. Help them establish a budget and live by it. Find out how they’re living. Are they wasting their present income in foolishness? If so, you have no requirement to support them. In fact, by doing so you may well interfere in God’s plan for them. Christian organizations should be assessed likewise. Not only does God provide opportunities for giving to the needs of the saints but also to invest in His work. Many are deserving, but some are poorly managed, unfruitful, and even dishonest. Seek God’s wisdom before giving. Get literature from them that thoroughly describes the organization and its doctrine. Talk to others who have invested. Require references if you’ve never heard of this group before. Let the organization know why you’re questioning them. Be discerning; be a good steward of God’s resources.”

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