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Amazon Scam Tactics

Amazon scammers are popping up everywhere!

Fraudsters exploit new technologies and try new tactics to avoid being detected. Here’s how you can protect yourself. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, scammers may call, text, or email you claiming there’s an issue with your membership. They’ll ask you to confirm or cancel a charge or try to convince you to provide payment or bank account information to reinstate your membership. However, Amazon will never ask you to give payment information over the phone. Go to their message center to review authentic emails. Verify your membership status or make payments by logging on to your Amazon account.

Scammers try to alarm you with a notice about an account being suspended or deleted. Their goal is to get you to click on a fraudulent link or verbally give them information to verify your account. Amazon will never, ever ask you to disclose your password or verify sensitive personal information over the phone or any website other than their own. So, authenticate emails or phone calls. You can go directly to or their app to see the status of your account. Plus, the Message Center displays a log of official communication.

Always be wary of any false urgency from Amazon. They’ll never ask for payment information over the phone even if you use gift cards. Always verify links or go directly to their website. Now I hope this helps! The advantage we have as believers is reliance on the Lord for His wisdom and discernment. So protect yourself by seeking Him first. 

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