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Aligning Your Heart with Your Spouse

Are you and your spouse working as hard as you can, to make as much money as you can, to retire as soon as you can, to entertain yourselves as long as you can?

This was my interpretation of the American dream. And it took me off course of our life purpose.  

But God has a better purpose for your life! He has a plan…. a unique purpose, for your life and marriage. You and your spouse should be asking the question, “What does God what us to accomplish together?”

Many couples make assumptions about their purpose. They fall in love and dream about their future together, never realizing they have vastly different ideas of what their real life purpose is. This will inevitably lead to division and stress that pulls marriages apart. To prevent the drift, we have to be intentional and disciplined about discerning God’s purposes for our life.

Without purpose and unified vision, time and money will be wasted and you run the risk of accomplishing nothing of eternal value.

Focusing on God’s purpose for your life  brings clarity  and joy. It will move you from being ineffective stewards to being excited and fully engaged in the work God created you to accomplish.

He’s called you and your spouse to give your utmost for His highest glory. In fact, “..the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him”

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