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Accessory Dwelling Units – Part 1

Do you need more space at home?

ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are growing in popularity. They’re otherwise known as a granny flat, an in-law suite, or a guest house. The space can be used for an office, gym, or home-based business. It can be rented out or used to house friends or family. Buying or selling it separately from the main house is prohibited. ADUs are available in DIY assembly packages, professional assembly, or custom-built. One of my neighbors converted their extra garage into a guest house. Another built a detached garage with upstairs living quarters. ADUs can add property value and rental income. Jesus taught in Luke 14, that when building a tower, count the cost and determine whether you have enough to complete it.

Set clear boundaries when bringing in extended family or adult children. Screen renters carefully to avoid issues with rent collection. Most of our friends who’ve housed elderly family members find the overall experience hard but rewarding. They have precious memories of being available in their time of need. It’s important to establish financial expectations upfront. Put it in writing, then have it signed and witnessed. If you buy the unit to house your parents, ask siblings to cover other costs of their care. If allowing one adult child to live there, prepare for others to follow. Keep communication open so no resentment or hard feelings develop.

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