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Absolute Integrity

My Dad’s faithful use of money set an example of integrity for me.  

My Dad grew up in poverty but escaped through hard work and integrity. After high school, he served in the military then earned a college degree in business. Dad prepared income tax returns for extra income. He typically worked on those while sitting at our dining room table. I recall how he would explain that you never lie to the IRS. He believed that God expected us to be completely honest especially when dealing with money. When his boss died, Dad was entrusted with the management of the entire estate. His integrity blessed him with stewardship of money that set a great example for me. 

Now we often hear about people who compromise the truth. They lie for various reasons: to protect themselves or others, to avoid embarrassment, conflict, or rejection. Couples even lie and deceive one another about their use of money. We’re God’s ambassadors to a lost and dying world. He commands us not to lie but to be honest at all times and to depend on Him. Trusting the Lord, we demonstrate integrity in the midst of fear and uncertainty at home, at school, or work. Proverbs 20:7 says, “The righteous who walks in his integrity- blessed are his children after him!” I’m so grateful for the remarkable father God gave me. He’s been a blessing to me in every way. These financial lessons are just a glimpse of what I’ve learned from him.

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