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A God of Order

Our God is a God of order.  

The physical world he’s designed for us is well planned. The universe stays in its path because God ordered it so. Atoms stay together because God ordered them to.  Often we trust God for the major things like creation, but leave Him out completely when it comes to the smaller issues of life…like managing our money.

Finances are simply another aspect of the Christian life that must be ordered according to God’s ways, not our own. This means we need to make all of our financial plans according to God’s principles.  When we do, we find incredible peace, joy and freedom. In His design of finances,  we’re stewards and God is the owner – we’re to be faithful to the Owner.

Faithfulness means your heart is loyal and committed to honor and serve your Master. Good stewardship requires both a faithful heart and disciplined hands.

Like Paul said, you can do all things through Him who strengthens you.

Talk to others who have a biblical financial plan in place and ask them to mentor and pray with you. It’s important for you to write down your plans and seek to honor God in your short- and long-range goals. Only adjust your plans as God leads, not because it’s uncomfortable or the world tells you to.

It’ll take patience and discipline to reach your goals, but it’ll be worth it! And be careful of making hasty decisions, or get-rich-quick schemes.

Don’t grow weary of doing good, for in due season you’ll reap a reward, if you don’t give up.

One way I want you to stay focused and on the right track with your goals is through Crown’s online MoneyLife Personal Finance Study. It’s a 7-week course that you can take at your own pace. You’ll learn timeless biblical principles about your money and how to apply them to your every day life right now.