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7 Rules for True Riches: Live Beneath Your Means

This week, we’re exploring the 7 Rules for Financial Freedom so you can live God’s way. Rule 1 is Tithe first, save second. And, the second rule is: Live Beneath Your Means.

How content are you? Do you long for things or are you thankful for what you have?

The writer of Hebrews said, Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have…”

Contentment is contrary to what the world teaches. But, it’s a way to gain control of your spending.

It simply requires a heart of gratitude for what you do have and learning to make smart choices. Rather than buying what the world says we need, we choose to be transformed by truth and allow that truth to control our spending decisions.

That means redefining what it means to be rich. It’s not big homes, new cars, or designer clothes.

It means living in a place we can afford, driving paid-for cars, and not paying interest on credit cards, so we can give, save and invest. When we stop buying what we don’t need, we can make real progress. Listen carefully – until you become a good spender, You will never become a good saver, and until you become a good saver, you will never become a good investor. It all starts with the discipline of learning to spend less than you earn.

Gratitude for what you have will propel you towards applying this rule. Not only will your stress be reduced, but you’ll sleep better, and discover the satisfaction in reaching goals. Plus, you’ll have flexibility in your budget to meet emergencies and help others.

Think of a limbo bar. The bar is your income and you’re going to work to keep your spending below it. If it’s set too low you can’t function well. You may need to ask for a raise or overtime work, take on an extra job or consider a different one. Until you adjust your lifestyle things may be uncomfortable, but don’t give up.

If your spending is too high, then ruthlessly cut back. Find cheaper housing and cut all unnecessary expenses. Pray, have fun and see what you can accomplish this year as you learn to be content! God will help you!

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