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52-Week Saving Challenge

Are you motivated to save more money?

A savings account is necessary to avoid credit card debt and achieve your financial goals. Yet, half of Americans are struggling to save money. If you need some motivation to get started with a savings plan, the 52-Week Savings Challenge might be a fit for you! According to Yahoo Finance, it’s a simple way to save over $1,300 in just one year.

Each week you make a deposit into a savings account. Begin by saving $1 the first week, $2 the second week, $3 the third, and so forth until reaching $52 the final week of a 12-month period. Starting off small enables you to reduce expenses, pay down debt, and work on sticking to your budget. This frees you up for larger contributions down the road.

This simple game is a fun way to meet a savings goal. If you need to fund an emergency account, save for a vacation, or home improvements, this can be motivating. Ask a friend to join you and encourage one another along the way. Print and post a spreadsheet of your progress. Checking off the boxes will move you one step closer to your goal! After the first few weeks, you’ll find ways to cut spending in order to free up funds for the challenge. Should something unexpected happen preventing you from making a deposit, just pause and pick up where you left off. As Solomon said, consider the ant and become wise. It does not stop and eat at your picnic. It takes the crumbs that fall from your table underground and stores them until needed later.  If it can save, so can you!

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