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5 Steps to Reset Your Finances

Have you tried the Whole 30 Diet, where you eliminate certain foods for 30 days to reset your health for peak performance? It’s tough but worth it, just like resetting your finances!

Healthy eating and managing money are possible. However, both require discipline and God’s help!

What if I gave you 5 Steps to Reset Your Finances? Would you try? Just 5 Steps: Here ya go! 

Honor, Plan, Work, Give and Save.

First, honor God as the owner of everything. Simply serve and honor him with all he entrusts to you. Make pleasing Him your highest financial priority.

Honor first, then plan.  God is our orderly Provider and has expectations of his managers. You need short and long-range plans to cover your day-to-day living and future expenses. This requires written goals and a budget so you can build an emergency savings fund, pay off your debt, and save long-term and invest.

Next – work. Work as unto the Lord in all you do, setting a Christ-like example in your service to others. Treat your employees well and give your employer your best. God will be glorified and your work will be noticed!

Give – it’s how you bring His power into focus. Plan to give Him the first part of your income and you’ll experience the joy of sacrificial giving.

Honor, Plan, Work, Give and finally… Save. Saving is possible when lifestyles are kept in check. An emergency savings account should be established first so you don’t accumulate credit card debt when unexpected occurs. Set up automatic transfers for the emergency account and when saving for retirement and other designated areas.

Financial Reset is possible with these 5 easy steps: Honor, Plan, Work, Give and Save.

Commit your Reset to Him and ask Him to guide and strengthen you in the days ahead, remembering, I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

If you’re looking for more help or encouragement with your finances, call the Crown Helpline at 800-722-1976 or go online to