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4 Money Mistakes: #2 – Ignoring Advice Of Spouse

Four money mistakes can affect your financial health.

Yesterday, I addressed mistake #1: the problem of a get-rich-quick mentality. The second money mistake is when a husband or wife ignores the primary advisor that God has given them: their spouse. In a marriage relationship, there will be problems. Since opposites tend to attract, they’ll discover they don’t agree on a number of different issues. That’s okay, as long as they communicate respectfully and try to reach a reasonable compromise. God’s Word is very specific when it comes to husband and wife relationships. Husbands are to love their wives. Wives are to respect their husbands. That includes listening to their advice before making any decisions that would change or impact the family’s finances. Wives should give their advice. In fact, a husband should welcome it, but ultimately, the goal is to come together in a united agreement. Two are truly better than one, especially when it comes to financial decisions.

God created a husband and wife to function as a single working unit, each with different abilities, but essential to eachother. Without the balance that each can bring to a marriage, great errors in judgment will be made. The key is being rooted in Christ. With the fruit of His Spirit, wise advice can be given, heard, and acted upon. Without some kind of written financial plan, couples won’t realize that they have a money problem until it overwhelms them. A budget enables them to identify shortcomings in their financial picture. Working together, they can capitalize on each other’s strengths in order to avoid errors and expenses that lead to unmanageable debt.

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