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30 Day Money Reset

Always Running low on money?

Have you ever wished you could just make a little more money? A few extra thousand dollars would pay off that debt or create a nest egg for retirement. Just a little more and all of your money problems would just disappear! Well none of those things are bad. More income can be a blessing, and getting out of debt and saving for retirement are great accomplishments, but these things alone won’t solve your problems. They only deal with the symptoms of your money issues, not the root causes. You’ll never experience true financial freedom until you commit all aspects of your finances to God and faithfully obey his principles. It’s a matter of simply taking the first step. Now to help, we created a 30-Day Money Reset to break bad habits and develop healthy ones.  It’s a guide with practical steps and Biblical principles that can change your life. Some of the changes will be more difficult than others. You’ll have to make sacrifices, but each step is intentional to help you reach a specific goal and bring you closer to living your purpose as God’s steward.

Now accountability is an important of the journey. So, involve your spouse and tell a good friend or family member. Ask them to encourage you and correct you over the next 30 days. At the end of the reset, you’ll have more money saved, less debt, a budget and a deeper understanding of God’s plan for your life and finances. So don’t delay! Get started at This simple step is the first in a journey that will truly set you free from the worry and stress you long to get rid of. 

Now in my new book Seven Gray Swans, I describe potentially significant events that could happen. A gray swan is an obvious danger that we tend to ignore.  My goal is to show you how to prepare for and survive these economic threats. The ebook is available now at