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3 Stages of Life: Earning

There are 3 Stages of Life: Learning, Earning and Returning. Today we will talk about earning.


The quality of your work is the tangible expression of the invisible reality that the power of God is at work in your heart. We were created to work. And God wants you to put your whole effort to a task.

Work provides the financial means to sustain our families and helps us grow spiritually through dependence on the Lord.

Knowing and using our talents and gifts will lead to meaningful, satisfying work. But remember to keep working hours in balance to take care of our families, our churches and to rest.

Solomon wrote: In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.

Simply put: hard work leads to profit!

Diligence in financial matters requires the same honesty, purpose, and resolve as in the workplace. We have to always give our best and avoid giving up.  

Our founder, Larry Burkett, said that the best testimony a Christian can have is a love for others and good work habits.

To be an exceptional worker, try the following:

Have a “Yes” attitude. A good attitude reduces friction in the office, with customers, and at home.

Next, accept the challenging parts of your job along with the pleasant. It’ll set you apart, cause you to depend on the Lord, and strengthen your character.

And, don’t settle for mediocrity – strive to do your best. It WILL affect your earning.

If you need encouragement, wise counsel or prayer to manage your finances, we’re standing by during office hours. Call the Crown Help Line at 800 722-1976 or visit