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Restaurant Fees vs. Eating at Home

Do you eat out…a lot?

The next time you eat out, take a close look at your receipt. The Wall Street Journal reports that the number of restaurants adding service fees increased by 36% in the past year. They’re showing up as “fuel surcharges”, “Noncash adjustments”, or “kitchen appreciation fees.” Romano’s Grill states on its website that a $2 “temporary fee” is added to all bills to “offset economic pressures.” Even when fees aren’t listed, you’re probably seeing higher prices. Restaurants are trying to cover the inflated cost of doing business. They’ve got higher costs for food, transportation, and labor. Plus, Mastercard and Visa upped their transaction fees for many retailers. The majority of restaurants are facing more than a 20% increase in monthly expenses. Inflation is hitting them, and us, from all directions.

Ann and I like to eat out. We just don’t do it very often. When we do, we tip well and honor business owners who are trying hard to survive in a difficult environment. We usually eat at home to save money and eat healthier meals. We’ve got a vegetable garden and pots of herbs to supplement what we buy. However, groceries are getting more and more expensive! Manage your grocery bill wisely by planning your meals around what’s on sale or what’s in your pantry. Don’t wait util the last minute. Set your menu a week in advance to avoid the temptation of picking up fast-food. Finally, thank God for every meal you eat, whether at home or at a restaurant. 

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