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It’s Crazy Money Day!

Have you seen The Chosen? It’s the highly successful television series about the men and women who knew Jesus. Making a quality movie is expensive. I discovered that when making our God Provides Series. The beautiful thing about The Chosen is that season one was funded by more than 16,000 people who contributed $11,000,000 in record breaking time. It became the largest crowdfunded media project in history! As of this recording, Season 3 is fully funded awaiting release, and Season 4 is already partially funded.

Some givers set up impact investment funds with NCF, the National Christian Foundation. NCF gives people a way to get tax-deductible donations and support projects like The Chosen. Their mission is mobilizing resources by inspiring Biblical generosity.

Now God asks us to trust Him enough to give generously. He wants to spare us the sorrow that can accompany worldly wealth while experiencing the joy that comes with giving.  God took a risk to bless us so richly. The risk is that we might fall in love with the blessings and forget the One who blessed us. The problem is, we have an enemy who’s placed a bounty on each of our heads. There’s a price, some bounty, that He’s offered to distract you from the real riches. It could be a new car, a bigger house, a promotion, lottery prize, anything to render you useless for God’s purposes. We must guard our hearts and “throw off everything that hinders” us so we can live generously for Him!

Now if you’ve been helped by Crown or this radio station, can I ask you to consider supporting us this year? If you already do, thank you for your generosity! You can resolve to begin giving today at