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$160,000 in Student Loans Forgiven

It’s Crazy Money Day! And today we’re featuring a couple from Auburn, Alabama whose Christmas will be especially sweet!

Somer Givens and her husband Trent both have jobs in public service. 

Together they had $161,000 in federal student loans. Some years ago, Trent switched to a new loan servicer. Five years later, he discovered all his payments were never on track towards loan forgiveness. So he started over. Imagine the frustration!

The Givens applied for Public Service Loan Forgiveness and got rejected. That’s a requirement to access a fund set up by Congress to help those in public service who used the wrong type of repayment program.

They then had to fill out more paperwork, but it was worth it! In July, Somer’s $76,000 balance was forgiven. And in August, her husband, Trent, had his $85,000 balance forgiven as well.

Today, 1 in 4 Americans have student loan debt. It averages $37,000.

Now, this should not be. Just because loans are available does not mean they are necessary! But many never experience the exhilaration of living debt-free.

God does not prohibit using credit. He simply lays down clear guidelines for how it should be used properly.

Let’s rejoice with the Givens and pray they’ll help others avoid this trap.

We can come together, lift the hurting, and help them learn God’s financial principles so more can live free of debt.

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