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MoneyLife Personal Finance Study – Self Paced

“God has really touched my life through this course. What I know, I would want others to know and be free just as I am free!”

Geraldine N.

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How Your Life Will Change

  • Take control of your spending
  • Pay down debt confidently and more quickly
  • Have lifelong peace about your finances
  • Leave a legacy to your family

What You Get

  • A crystal clear, step-by-step, proven plan for eliminating your financial stress!
  • MoneyLife Indicator, a financial health assessment to help you determine key areas to address.
  • A video-driven, financial Bible study made up of 7 online, self-paced lessons.
  • Practical tools to track income & expenses, create a budget, and stick with your monthly spending plan!

Your purchase is covered by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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MoneyLife Changes Lives!

Karen S.

“I must admit I was scared to sign up for this course, but I am glad I did and by a gentle nudge from my mentor. Since coming into the knowledge of understanding being a good steward of what God has entrusted to us (whether a little or a lot), I make sure I stay true to our budget. I don’t want to misuse another dime of what God has entrusted to me.”

Ron B.

“Through the MoneyLife Indicator in this study, I was able to get a report showing my beliefs and behaviors about handling money in God-honoring ways (based on biblical benchmarks). This is an invaluable tool. My prayer for you is that this course will do as much for you as it did for me!”