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Prayer is Powerful

Economic suffering knows no boundaries. Whether it's affluent executives in the United States or impoverished farmers in Africa, the lack of understanding in God's principles of stewardship can bring turmoil. Join our team of prayer partners to intercede for those we serve.

Every month, our dedicated staff and partners share heartfelt prayer requests from the communities we support.

Take the first step by downloading our monthly prayer calendar and experience the transformative power of focused prayer. Join us in becoming a beacon of hope as we work together to transform lives and communities through prayer.

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Why We Pray

Prayer is undeniably the ultimate, unparalleled weapon we possess in our relentless battle against economic suffering. Without it, all our efforts to uplift individuals and communities would be rendered futile. By embracing the transformative power of prayer, you can become an indispensable force as one of Crown's esteemed prayer partners, channeling the needs of Crown Partners and staff directly to the Lord.

As a prayer partner, you will become an integral part of a global network of compassionate individuals, resolutely committed to interceding for people from every corner of the world. The opportunity to hold the needs of these marginalized communities in your hands and present them before the Almighty is an honor that can reshape generations of families.

Join us, and together we can celebrate the extraordinary power of prayer, transforming lives, and forging a brighter future for all.

Give today and let your generosity create a lasting legacy of transformation and inspiration.

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