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Crown’s Money Life Personal Finance Study

Debt, excessive spending, and living paycheck-to-paycheck may seem like the real issues in your financial life. But do you know the root cause of your money problems? Get to the heart of the matter with the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study, and turn financial bondage into true freedom in 7 steps.

With the guidance in this program, conquer financial issues by learning what God’s Word says about money. The MoneyLife Personal Finance Study is rooted firmly in biblical principles, designed to help you find hope and deepen your faith. Then, using practical resources, learn to conquer debt permanently, grow in your generosity, and prepare with wisdom for the future.

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Work at your own pace

Convenient – Access the online program any time using any device that connects to the Internet.

Flexible – Decide how and when it fits into your busy schedule by making progress at your own pace.

Biblically-Based – Examine your relationship with money through the lens of timeless biblical principles.

How Has This Study Changed Your Life?

Michelle S

“Through this study, God revealed to me that work is worship. Now I am looking forward to Mondays as much as Sundays!”

Jeff & Carin H

“We loved the format. Every morning, we would start our day with the homework…and we had more accountability being online together.”

Nathalie F

“Taking this course came at an opportune time when I was in a total life transformation, rebuilding in every area, including finances after being laid off from work.”

What You Get:

MoneyLife Personal Finance Study

A solution for both the symptoms and the root cause of your financial problems.

  • Understand God’s financial principles
  • Find hope and deepen your faith
  • Grow in your generosity
  • Learn ways to ditch debt permanently

MoneyLife Indicator

A unique assessment that determines your financial health from a biblical perspective.

  • Measures your beliefs and behaviors in 9 key areas
  • Generates a report with your financial health score in all 9 areas
  • Provides an action plan for your 3 lowest scores in both beliefs and behaviors

MoneyLife Planner

Online tools to help you assess where you are, show you were you need to go, and develop a plan you can stick with.

  • MoneyLife Budget
  • Daily Tracker
  • Debt Snowball
  • Online Tools and Calculators

Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom Today.


Lifetime Access / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Personal Finance Study
  • A 7-step system rooted in biblical principles
  • Practical downloads to help you apply God’s principles to your everyday life
  • Designed to equip you to live faithfully with your finances

(If you prefer a hard copy workbook instead of an online study, click here to buy the print version of MoneyLife)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoneyLife Personal Finance Study?

This course is a self-paced, online study of God’s plan for managing our personal finances. It teaches biblically-based principles and provides step-by-step instruction for applying them to your life.

The topics include spending, budgeting, saving/investing and giving (among others).

Who is this study for?

This study is for people who want to manage their money according to God’s principles. This includes people who are:

  • struggling with debt
  • not adequately prepared for retirement
  • doing well financially and want to leave a legacy
  • desiring to grow as faithful stewards of the resources God provides

Can this study help me get out of debt?

Yes! If you are struggling with debt, this study will give you a step-by-step, practical plan for becoming debt free.

How will this help me if I am NOT struggling with debt?

Many people mistakenly think that being financially healthy is simply living debt-free. There is actually much more to it than that. A biblical perspective of money includes a sound investment strategy, adequate protection against loss of income, and a plan to give generously.

I am well prepared, financially, including my retirement. Is this for me?

Yes! Even if you are already a great steward of what God has blessed your with, you can still benefit from this study. You will learn how to maximize your wealth for Kingdom purposes and leave a lasting legacy.

How does the study work?

When purchasing the study, you get immediate access to the course content. From your lesson dashboard, you select and work through each Lesson, which consists of reading material, video, and practical application assignments.

You can view sample material here.

Is this for single people, couples or groups?

It is for everyone! You can take the course by yourself, but if you are married (or soon to be), it is recommended that you do this as a couple. If you want to start a small group, select the Group option (coming soon).

Is the fee for this online course refundable?

Yes! If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase simply email customer support within 30 days of your purchase and they will promptly issue you a refund.

Who is Crown?

Founded by Larry Burket in 1976, Crown has helped more than 50 million people manage their finances and discover their unique design. Crown operates in more than 100 countries and its teachings have been translated into 120 languages.

Laura T

“God has reminded me to seek Him first, above all else, and to refocus my energy on getting and staying organized with the gifts He has provided. I want to remember that each week as I work through the budget …. and ask myself.. how are the choices I am making furthering His Kingdom?”


“I have been a part of 12+ classes on how to handle money properly over the years and never finished. I successfully completed, with God’s help and Crown’s direction, the online MoneyLife course. I truly enjoyed the class and encourage others to take the course.”