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Why are so many Christians struggling financially?

Our beliefs don’t match our behaviors…Take the free MoneyLife Indicator Assessment to find out your financial health score.

Take Crown’s MoneyLife Indicator to find out your financial health score.

“The way one uses money is the outward reflection of a person’s inward condition.”

-Larry Burkett

Discover why your credit score is not the true measure of your financial health

It’s hard to change outward behavior if you don’t understand the roots of the issues leading to certain actions.

True-life transformation takes place when hearts are impacted by God’s Word and, as a result, behavior aligns with His truth.

Beliefs control our behaviors and the MoneyLife Indicator reveals how “what you believe” and “how you behave” match up in 9 key areas of stewardship. Once you identify your incorrect beliefs, you can take steps to change your behavior for the long-term.


  •  It’s free!
  • It’s fast– takes less than 20 minutes
  • Immediately receive your score and action plan
  • Not just an analysis– a personalized action plan
  • Resources at your fingertips to help you along your way