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Partner: Amazing Graces - South Africa


As our hearts breaks for the state of our nation, so we believe does the heart of God. We are privileged to be called to participate in His great plan for our country, a calling which came to us around 2013. But it remains work in progress.

We are involved in a spiritual battle, and battles are not designed to be comfortable. We work for God Who loved us first and whatever we do or experience is just a speck of what He did for us. He is our Protector and Provider and whatever we encounter, we do it in the name of Christ our Savior.



Left: Participants complete a practical exercise of the Crown Money Map at the May Financial Training in Centurion, South Africa.
Right: Participants came from many remote areas, some traveling more than 3 hours each way to our April Financial Training.

Left: One of the presenters, Maq, explaining Crown Money Map principles during our Training Camp in Mthatha, Eastern Cape in Nov 2018.
Below: Hanneke and Patrick teach the Financial Seminar

Amazing Graces Social investments is a Christian non-profit organization, based in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa. We aim to change the hearts and minds of young South Africans from disadvantaged areas all over the country, by equipping them with a solid moral foundation and relevant life-skills.

We train selected candidates during trainings camps, workshops, seminars and outreaches, after which they go back to their respective communities to implement what they have gained. The model we encourage is Youth Groups with teenagers from their neighborhoods.

We have a uniquely designed Biblically-based curriculum, addressing the peculiar issues of our society, which consist of 5 subjects, offered on three levels. The subjects are:

  1. Life-lessons- Biblical foundations on 1. Me and God 2. Me and others 3. Me and my community 
  2. Citizenship - Democracy Education; Spiritual Leadership
  3. Literacy - Reading Clubs; Writing skills; Media studies
  4. Finances - Personal financial management (with our partner Crown Financial Ministries); the Economy; Entrepreneurship.
  5. Food Security and Family Wellness - with our partner Foundations for Farming.

Over the past years we have seen many team leaders equipped and active; many youth groups established, and by the grace of God, many hearts changed towards Christ.

We hope that we will be granted the grace to turn the destiny of South Africa, by reclaiming the territory the enemy has stolen from the youth of South Africa.