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Project: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Luis and Dina Rea have been married for almost 20 years. Their two children, Moises and Steffany are just two of the over 500 children they feed daily with Luis serving as the Director of Funda País, teaching them the purpose they have in God and helping parents have tools to support their children. Where they live, child malnutrition and crime exist at high rates, wanting to do something about it, Luis and Dina began to pray to break the cycle of poverty in Venezuela. Not long after they began praying, God answered with a solution - teach stewardship to parents through Crown materials. They now teach in agriculture, mechanics, construction, hairdressing, sewing, cooking, and more, and are convinced that God is transforming these moms and dads into faithful administrators of the resources and talents that God has put in their hands. 


  • Venezuelans need help in food production to end malnutrition.
  • Increase crop yield per family for their own personal needs as well as selling their excess.
  • Financial management training in order to steward the excess resources.
  • Character training to establish a deep foundation of faithfulness.


  • Partnering with Foundations for Farming (FFF) to address food shortage and malnutrition.
  • We will train Fundación Proyecto de Alimentación Infantil Shekina, Fundapais in FFF.
  • Help develop a community well being through character and resource management training.
  • Training in basic administration to address unemployment


  • We have the infrastructure already! We have leaders, land and facilities. Currently our partners onsite are developing a foundation to overcome malnutrition in the community by feeding 400 children per week.



  • High, child mortality rate, 60% of children have a mild to severe, malnutrition condition
  • 3,000% projected hyperinflation for 2019 according to the International Monetary Fund and increasing
  • Food cost too elevated for any employee, whose salary can buy 2 pounds of milk or cheese
  • An employee’s monthly salary is USD $8 or less
  • 18% of children with severe malnutrition, 50% of children with moderate malnutrition and low measurement, and 11% of children with mild, malnutrition

A Story



One-month old Thiago arrived with severe malnutrition health issues. Though he was born healthy, he had few probabilities to live. His face showed pain, he was dehydrated, his crying was weak, and he had skin damage. He had been fed with the water left after you cook pasta or rice by his teenage mother who battles depression and social vulnerability.

Thiago needed to be in a hospital but that was not possible due to the medical crisis in Venezuela There was little time; Thiago was dying. The doctors and the Foundation assisted Thiago and his mother, and gave them hope.

A week later, Thiago was improving, and his mother was in a better condition. They were developing a strong bond. We teach that true nutrition is food and love; we give a glass of milk and a hug, a piece of bread and a kiss.

A month later, we evaluated Thiago as a healthy baby who could be discharged. His mother demonstrated a deep love for her son and Thiago’s expressions will be in our hearts forever.

Seven months later, Thiago is a happy, healthy baby.

With your help, we can help many children to overcome malnutrition.


  • To support families providing them with stewardship education with the practical tools to eradicate poverty and malnutrition
  • To utilize the current entrepreneur team to teach other Venezuelans in resource, enterprise and environmental stewardship
  • This CSC will become a model to multiply their infrastructure throughout the country to teach stewardship and fight malnutrition throughout the world.


  • Translations
  • Training costs –
  • Trainer training and mentoring
  • Raw materials for training
  • Entrepreneur Initiatives (these or new ones important to the community) – start up costs: mushroom, beekeeping and cheese factory production
  • Seed for farming practices