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Ruth Morales

Ruth Morales was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Ruth is the co-founder and vice president of FXM Intl. LLC, a U.S. subsidiary of FX Morales y Asociados SAPI de CV.

Since 2000, while attending university, she began a professional career for the FXM family business founded by her father, Francisco Xavier Morales, in 1988.

After graduating with honors in Public Accounting and Finance from Tec de Monterrey, she continued her professional career at FXM developing her experience in credit & account receivables as a junior accountant.  She successfully led her team in establishing policies and procedures for new product lines, logistics and accounting within a multinational landscape.

These days she supervises and oversees the Group’s performance, including accounting and financial planning and analysis. She also advises the president on financial budgeting, cash flow & investment priorities. Ruth also serves on the Board of Directors of FXM.

In 2016, Ruth was appointed as the successor of the President of FXM. She is passionate about working for a Christ-centered company where she can honor God by giving her very best in all she does.

Ruth and her husband, Jair, are both graduates from Tec de Monterrey and have been married since 2004. They have lived in three different countries while pursuing graduate studies and have been blessed with two amazing kids, Danny and Sofia. Both attend Second Baptist Church where they serve as Sunday school teachers for the adult and children ministries. They passionately established the first Hispanic couples Sunday school class at Second Baptist Church.

Ruth is also actively involved in volunteering opportunities at her children’s school, Second Baptist School in Houston, Texas. She has served in the underwriting committee for the Distinguished Speaker Dinner, as well as Spirit Chair at SBS Eaglefest. She is a team leader for Gatekeepers prayer meetings, among others. In her time off, she enjoys baking and mountain biking with her family.