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Frank Gonzalez

Frank Gonzalez has served Crown since 2003, starting as a volunteer in his home country of Venezuela. Currently, he serves as Managing Director of Crown Solutions Spanish in the Crown offices in Knoxville, Tennessee. His previous roles include National Director and Director of Leaders Development Program for Latin America, Ministry Expansion Officer, Director of Resources in Spanish, and Vice-President of Spanish Outreach. He has traveled across Latin America for more than 15 years representing Crown.

Prior to Crown, Frank served 20 years in private banking in Venezuela and served as a college professor in both Venezuela and Mexico. He has a Doctorate in Advanced Management, a Master’s in Finance from Venezuela, and a Master’s in Organizational Efficiency from Mexico. He is passionate about education and enjoys reading in his spare time.

Frank has been married to Kely since 2000 and resides in Knoxville, TN, with their two daughters, Victoria and Isabella. The family enjoys road-tripping to the nearest beach during the summer. They attend Cornerstone Church of Knoxville.