Give Now

From The Desk of Judy Burkett

December 2021

God has done more in 45 years than I could ever imagine. 

It's hard to believe, but it was that long ago my late husband, Larry, felt God tugging at His heart to form this ministry. From the moment he made the decision in His 30's to give everything to the Lord, He sure did. I am so proud of his legacy and the work Crown continues to do.

20 million people are touched every year through Crown's work around the world. Whether they hear Crown on the radio, take a study, get career guidance, or personal budgeting help, God uses this ministry to change their lives. 45 years ago, 20 million people was not even on my radar. Thankfully, God had a much greater plan. 

It's been a difficult year for me with some health problems. But I am praising the Lord for His blessings! I am so thankful my son, Allen, and I got to spend some time with Chuck and his sweet wife, Ann, hearing and going over the vision and direction for Crown in 2022.

It's honestly breathtaking what is about to happen. God is using you and your partnership with us to help people experience the abundant life promised in Scripture. Not richer lives, materially speaking, but spiritually rich. When you give to Crown and support this work, it is bringing people to accept Christ and give their lives over to Him!

I am writing today to invite you to give right now to keep Crown going. What God started 45 years ago is still going strong, and I believe it's about to get even stronger. With your help, Crown is going to help millions here in the U.S. get out of debt and stop relying on material things to make them happy. We will also teach people in the poorest countries in the world how to use the resources God has given them to provide for themselves and not rely on handouts. You know the truth! Only God can set us free - money could never buy the freedom we've got in Jesus. Would you please give so that someone else, someone in real financial pain, could come to know Christ? 

Right now is the best time to give. Some generous folks who love how Crown changes lives came together to make a $352,000 Matching Challenge. To join the challenge, you just have to give before December 31st. Any amount you give will be doubled in impact! You'll also have a free copy of Chuck's latest work, Economic Evidence for God reserved for you so that you can be one of the first to get it when it is released in February 2022. The booklet is Crown's way to show you how much the ministry appreciates your generosity!

I pray that you will consider this opportunity to continue on what Larry began decades ago. God has a vision for what you and Crown can do together, and I cannot wait to see what this new year holds.

In Christ,
Judy Burkett