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Freedom from Poverty and Riches. 

About the Book

The journey of Crown's humble beginning in 1979 to its present day global impact in more than 100 nations is a remarkable story worthy of being captured and shared with all who have been part of the organization as a volunteer, staff, partner, donor, or beneficiary. In this book you will learn how God called Crown's Founder, Larry Burkett - an unlikely, stubborn man from a poor home in central Florida in the early 70's - to leave NASA, sell his business interests, and step out in faith to start this ministry; how God called Chuck Bentley, a reluctant, arrogant man with a love of money - to be a successor to Larry and current Crown CEO; and most importantly, how God might be calling you to be a more faithful steward of His resources. 

True Stories of God setting His people free from the bondage and pain of poverty and from the vain and empty control of riches are woven throughout the chapters. Whether you have been impacted in some way by Crown or never heard of the organization before, the book offers hope, encouragement, and practical advice for those pursuing financial freedom.