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The Career Direct Guidance System

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                 The Career Direct® assessment helped me realize that through the years I took whatever job came along. I built up a number of skills, but I didn’t pursue my heart’s desire and interests that matched my personality.”

– Rebecca C.

Kick The Confusion

Kick the Confusion

With a proven filter to clarify your job search.

Learn How To Chart Your Course

Learn How to Chart Your Course

Gain the clarity you need to find your true calling.

Ignite Your Passion

Ignite Your Passion

Because your life is too valuable to stay stuck in a dead-end job.

What others are saying

             Career Direct showed me how unique I really am. I now think of work as another way to show joy and pursue your dreams in life. I have realized some very important parts of my life that beforehand I only thought were hobbies.”

Anastasia Y.

Matt D

              Career Direct gave me confidence and self-awareness that I've needed so that I can walk in what God has designed and equipped me to do. I feel confident, motivated, and have a better sense of clarity and direction. I now have a better realization of who I am and what I am designed to do.”

Matt D.


            I'm going ahead with much more assurance than I had before. It's great when you can measure if you're headed in the right direction. I now feel confident, excited, and streamlined.”

Vikram D.


How Crown’s Career Direct has helped thousands of professionals and recent graduates discover work they love

What Makes Crown’s Career Direct So Different?

We believe God created you to fulfill a unique purpose through your work. And we understand the frustration and helplessness of a life spent in the wrong career. That’s why for over 40 years, we’ve made it our mission to help professionals and recent graduates chart a course for work they love. Learn how we’ve helped 300,000 people dramatically increase their job satisfaction and find meaningful work.

Take the Career Direct Assessment

Set aside about an hour to chart a course to your new life of purpose by taking the Career Direct Assessment.

Get a full picture of your potential

Tap into the only proven assessment that takes into account much more than just your personality to give you a full picture that includes your skills, interests, and values.

Explore your Career Direct Report

Examine your results with a definition of your Career Type and a downloadable report that gives you a comprehensive overview with insight into your specific type.

Take action

Receive a personalized action plan with suggested job or academic fits.

What’s My Investment?

How much is unclear career direction costing you? How many employers can’t see your potential in the sea of other candidates? How many people are passing up your talents? Can companies understand why they need your expertise and experience? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a life of purpose.




A condensed report to help you learn about your unique design and help you find your path.




A personalized 1-on-1 consultation and report to identify your unique design trends.

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Career Direct Assessment

Get comfortable, download the assessment, and take your time. There are no incorrect answers, just respond honestly and don’t overthink it too much. For most people, the exercise takes about 60 minutes but you can always save your progress and return at any time if you are unable to finish in one sitting.

Report + Action Plan

Over 300,000 people have completed our personalized Career Direct Assessment. The assessment has been validated and tested as an extremely accurate tool designed for identifying your unique Career Type. You will receive a Career Direct Overview Report and a personalized action plan with next steps.

Download a Sample Report

Go Deeper with a Crown Career Coach

Get the most from your assessment by hiring a Crown Career Coach who has been extensively trained to interpret your results. Our team of over 2,000 expert coaches has come alongside hundreds of professionals and students with insightful advice to help them find their perfect job fit.

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